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Seismic Handler wxWidgets version: SHX

We decided to reimplement the features of Seismic Handler and Seismic Handler Motif into one project. As graphical interface wxWidgets framework was choosen. So we gain a broad support on all major operation systems.

The implementation of the graphical interface will be completely separated from the processing layer. So it's possible to run SHX without graphical output (in analogy to SH command line version). Actually SHX will rest upon on SH and a new graphical interface will be programmed. Of course additional features from SHM will be transfered to SHX.

For more information please read planned features?. As all Seismic Handler versions SHX will be licenced under GNU General Public Licence (namely GPLv3).


Please follow Installation instructions for development release.

Command overview

SHX supports most of the command which SH offers. There are some differences in command implementation.

Python interface

SHX offers a python interface to it's methods. A fast way to import all methods is from SeismicHandler.core import *.

Currently the following commands are supported:

  • reada
  • readfile
  • readq
  • reads
  • rms
  • rotate
  • simulate
  • summation
  • writeq
  • writea

Documentation to all methods is available using e.g. help(reads).

Access to visible and hidden traces is granted by

  • Traces
  • Hidden

Meta data access:

  • Stations

Additional resources

For a deeper look into SHX please visit the SHX documentation overview page.