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VMware virtual applicant: Debian 4.0 Etch

Virtual hardware information

  • 32-bit CPU (runs also on 64-bit host machines)
  • 512 MiB RAM
  • up to 100 GiB hard drive space
  • host computer's cd-crom access
  • access to usb devices on host system
  • network access (the host computer will share it's connection using NAT)
  • US keyboard layout

Installed software

  • Debian 4.0 Etch
  • network updates available
  • graphical login enabled
  • window manager: Gnome
  • VMware tools (copy and paste to host system, easy mouse and keyboard focus, window size is changeable)
  • Seismic Handler as Motif and command line version

User accounts

  1. sysop, password "SeiHan" (without quotes), automatic login
  2. root, same password as sysop


Download seishand.tar.bz2

Known problems

  1. Strange screen resolution at login screen (disappears after automatic login).
  2. Window arrangement after starting SHM is not precise. Move them around as you like.

If you know a working solution, please tell us.