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Seismic Handler release 2012a

The version 2012a of SH/SHM will be released on 2nd of February 2012.

Installation archive

The pre-packed software archive is self-extracting (Download, md5sum 7fef3b0735a9ae60ce13579b328ab319, sha1sum 43cb87e78f5344f31b34cfc13d09c6676833779c).

For detailed installation procedure please look at the installation instructions.

Virtual applicant

If you like to test the new version without any installation effort, you may try the virtual machine we prepared. It runs Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with the The Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment and SH/SHM 2012a installed. This machine replaces the one shipping Seismic Handler version 2011.2.


Seismological work

  • Support for new IASPEI simulation filters (see also details).
  • Major review of station information (location, sensitity, ...).
  • Additional simulation filters for Trillium 240 sensor.
  • Stand-alone program to determine mb and Ms magnitudes.

IT issues

  • Fixed severe bugs when writing miniseed data and in command RMS (thanks to Franz Hauser for reporting).
  • Support for more graphical text editors.
  • Support for GMT prefix and post-script viewers in several Linux distributions.
  • Several smaller bug-fixes.

If you are interested in the deep details of changes, please have a look at the detailed source code change list: [376:521/SH_SHM/trunk].