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Seismic Handler release 2011.2

Release notes

Seismic Handler uses now python helper programs. Please make sure, that you have at least python 2.5 installed. LocSAT and fk analysis software is now mandatory. The software packages are downloaded during the installation process (so you need an active internet connection).

Please read the instructions for preparing your operating system: General installation instructions. You will need administrative rights to perform the necessary changes!

Installation instructions

The pre-packed software archive is self-extracting ([XXX Download], md5sum XXX). Please run it from a terminal window.

  1. Please make really sure, that you prepared your OS for SH/SHM.
  2. If you have no administrative rights, you can perform an user installation to any directory you are able to write in.
  3. ...


The last official release of Seismic Handler was some years ago - but the development never stopped. So it's not easy to list all changes. This list will grow further.

  • BASH environment is supported.
  • Station configuration information is additionally included from $SH_PRIVATE.
  • Many mseed related fixes and enhancements.
  • sfdline outputs network and location id by default.
  • Identify Phase uses ORPHEUS webservice.
  • More text editors are supported (and automatically configured).
  • If you overwrite an existing SH/SHM installation, the configuration files are backed up.
  • ...