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    66Seismic Handler uses now python helper programs. Please make sure, that you have at least python 2.5 installed. LocSAT and fk analysis software is now mandatory. The software packages are downloaded during the installation process (so you need an active internet connection). 
    8 Please read the instructions for preparing your operating system: [ShmSeismicHandler#Installationinstructionsforrecentlinuxflavors General installation instructions]. You will need administrative rights to perform the necessary changes! If you successfully compiled the SH/SHM before on your system, no changes are necessary. 
    108''Since we switched all our PC infrastructure to Linux, the software is tested only on such systems.'' 
    1210We are still working on a Seismic Handler version with a new graphical interface (so called SHX). The first testing release will be available in the next months. 
    14 == Installation instructions == 
     12== Installation archive == 
    16 The pre-packed software archive is self-extracting ([ Download], md5sum ff9cf8d75009fc954f89c0713cd90205). Please run it from a terminal window! 
     14The pre-packed software archive is self-extracting ([ Download], md5sum ff9cf8d75009fc954f89c0713cd90205). 
    18  1. Please make really sure that you [ShmSeismicHandler#Installationinstructionsforrecentlinuxflavors prepared your OS] for SH/SHM. 
    19  1. Start installation in the directory you downloaded the installation package: 
    20 {{{ 
    21 $ bash ./ 
    22 }}} 
    23  1. If you have no administrative rights, you can perform an user installation to any directory you are able to write in. 
    24  1. LocSAT and fk are downloaded from FTP server automatically. 
    25  1. Before performing the installation, you can alter some automatically detected settings: 
    26 {{{ 
    27 (u)  user root path:           $HOME/shfiles 
    28 (e)  window based texteditor:  kwrite 
    29 (c)  linux colors:             yes 
    30 }}} 
    31     If everything is ok, start compiling by typing "i". 
    32  1. Compilation process takes place. Please look for compiling errors. 
    33  1. Update your environment depending on your shell (edit ~/.cshrc or ~/.bashrc respectively). 
    34  1. Finished. If any problems are found, the temporary directory with the installation sources is kept, otherwise deleted. 
    36 If you have any problems installing SH/SHM please contact us via discussion forum or [ users mailing list]! 
    38 == Known issues == 
    40  * For a correct compilation process you have to make some changes to your os (see [ShmSeismicHandler#Installationinstructionsforrecentlinuxflavors General installation instructions]). For some linux distributions the instructions are not complete yet. 
    41  * Ubuntu based systems from version 9.04 on have defect motif libraries. SHM will crash right after start. A solution is replacing the motif libs manually ([ShmInstallUbuntu#DefectmotiflibrariesinUbuntu detailed instructions]). 
    42  * Some versions of OpenSUSE ship with a defect UIL compiler. You can simply replace ''sh/source/motif/shm_world.uid'' by the [attachment:shm_world.uid file attached] here. 
    43  * On KDE systems there's a short pause after start-up of SHM. 
     16For detailed installation procedure please look at the [wiki:Installation installation instructions]. 
    4518== Changelist ==