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How to use own stations in SHM

  1. Insert station code and coordinates into $SH_INPUTS/STATINF.DAT (see How to put station information into SH/SHM).
  2. Edit your configuration file and modify/add a v$read_dialog_stations_?? variable to list your stations. E.g. if you have your stations ABC, XYZ, XXX then an appropriate line would be
    v$read_dialog_stations_01 ABC,XYZ,XXX.
  3. Edit your sensitivitiy file (by default this is $SH_INPUTS/sensitivities.txt) and add appropriate lines for your stations (for detail see sensitivity file). E.g. if you have a station xyz with channels bh and components zne with a calibration of 1.2 (nm/s)/count this line should look like
    xyz-bh-? ... ... 1.2
  4. Add the streams of this stations to the file $SH_INPUTS/filter_lookup.txt or create appropriate filter files in $SH_FILTER. Read about working with simulation filters for details.

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