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Migrating to SHM version 2.4

SHM version 2.4 reveals significant differences in program configuration. The reason for the changes were simplification and homogenisation of program control. A number of separate parameter files (like window_configs.txt, list_of_analysts.txt or the STATLIST_...-files) together with the more or less cryptic startup files containing parameter definitions have been replaced by a text file of simple structure. This configuration text file may be modified with any text editor. Subsets of parameters may be grouped into separate files and may be referenced by the main parameter file. Predefined parameter sets like colour or window geometry definitions are provided and help to keep the parameter file more concise and clear. The syntax of the parameter file is described in the configuration file documentation. The station info file $SH_INPUTS/STATINF.DAT and the filter lookup table $SH_INPUTS/filter_lookup.txt remain unchanged in version 2.4, however the location of these files may be changed via the configuration file so that each user can make SHM use his private copies of them. The zoo of calibration files for MiniSEED formatted files (seedcalib_... files) have been replaced by a single text file, but SHM still supports the old style seedcalib_...-files if desired.

The default parameter file is $SH_INPUTS/shm-config.txt, but it is strongly recommended to create a private copy at a different location (e.g. your home directory) and point to it with an environment variable $SH_USER_PARAM (setenv SH_USER_PARAM $HOME/my-shm-config.txt). A later update of SHM will overwrite all $SH_INPUTS/shm-conf* files and undo all the changes in the default configuration file you may have done before. The private configuration files provide the possibility for every user of SHM to keep his personal preferences saved while working with the same SHM installation as all other users of the system.

Further developments in version 2.4 are:

  • Freely definable colours of windows (foreground and background) and dialog boxes.
  • Seismogram traces which have incomplete amplitude information or quality defects (documented in miniSEED quality flags) are marked with red alert colour
  • Automatic plugin download from the SZGRF web page
  • Plugin available for SHM source code update (automated source code download and compilation)

To migrate from your version of SHM to version 2.4 please perform the following steps:

  1. Install version 2.4 using the installation script. Preferably install on a new directory to keep your current version as a backup.
  2. Copy the configuration file $SH_INPUTS/shm-config.txt to a place of your choice, e.g. your home directory and point the environment variable $SH_USER_PARAM to it (cp $SH_INPUTS/shm-config.txt $HOME/my-shm-config.txt; setenv SH_USER_PARAM $HOME/my-shm-config.txt). Put this setenv definition to your .cshrc file to make it permanent.
  3. Edit your configuration file $SH_USER_PARAM. It should find some introductory comment lines, a file_version entry and then two include statements to specify colours and geometry (e.g. include shm-conf-brown-colours.txt and include shm-conf-sxga-geometry.txt). The geometry is determined by the installation program automatically. Look for existing alternatives in $SH_INPUTS/shm-conf-*.txt if the geometry is not recognised properly or if you don't like the colours. Provided are geometry setups at least for the resolutions xga (1024x768 pixels), wxga (1280x800), sxga (1280x1024).
  4. Put your STATINF.DAT and filter_looup.txt files from your previous version to version 2.4: either copy the files to the new $SH_INPUTS directory or change the parameters station_info_file and filter_lookup_table in your configuration file to have SHM find your files in other locations.
  5. If you are working with MiniSEED files put your station names to the configuration file. Use the v$read_dialog_stations_?? variables to define an arbitrary number of dialog boxes. If you have e.g. the stations ABC, XYZ and XXX then change the existing definition of v$read_dialog_stations_01 to the value ABC,XYZ,XXX. For a complete description of the possibilities of station definitions read the manual of the configuration file.
  6. If you are working with MiniSEED files, provide the calibration information for the new SHM version. First copy all seedcalib_* files from your old $SEED_INPUTS directory to your new (if you are using different installation trees). Then you have two choices:
    1. just set the sensitivity_file parameter in your configuration file to old-style and continue working with your seedcalib_* files or, preferably,
    2. call $SH_UTIL/sensitivity_from_old_style.csh >$SH_INPUTS/sensitivities.txt and leave the sensitivity_file parameter unchanged on default or set it to the location of your new sensitivities.txt file. Please read the syntax description of the sensitivities-file.
  7. If you have created own filter filter on $SH_FILTER, copy them from your old to your new filter directory, or simply copy all your filter files to the new filter directory (there was no change in filter design and naming conventions).
  8. Set all other parameters of the configuration file according to your needs. Please read the configuration file documentation.

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