Last modified 15 years ago Last modified on 01/23/2009 11:23:08 AM

Menu entry Final Parameter

Saves all picks and analysis parameters to a text file (evt-file) and to a binary status file in $SH_SCRATCH. The evt text file is the final output of SHM. The evt-output directory is configurable as parameter number 12 in the Configure menu. Please note the trailing slash (/) in this pathname. When activating Final Parameters a unique event number is automatically created. The database of event numbers is maintained in the evid directory (parameter 11 in Configure, note the trailing slash '/' here also.). The filename is created automatically by SHM. It is based on the event number. Please make sure that the output path for the parameter files (evt-files) and for the evid directory exist and are writable otherwise saving of parameters will fail. The format of the evt-files is pretty good self-explaining and flexible for future extensions.

The evt-file and the binary status file can be read back in to recover the picks and analysis parameters (Recover Status and Recover Evt-File?, respectively).

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