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Menu entry Theo (Tables)

Computes theoretical phases on all traces on display using travel time tables in $SH_INPUTS. First it opens a dialog box showing a list of available phases. Some phases are preselected.

Phases which should be preselected when starting SHM may be set by Configure. Changing the theo phase list in Configure means to retype the complete phase list including or excluding your changes. Please check for typos and do not use blanks, just separate the phases by commas.

In the dialog box the phase selections may be changed arbitrarily. After clicking on OK the phases are computed and marked on the traces. If new travel time tables of new phases are supplied in the directory $SH_INPUTS, which are not available as buttons in the dialog box, add the names of the phases to the editable text field in the lower right corner. Again, do not use blanks, separate with commas if more than one phase is specified.

How to add new travel time table, see The travel time tables of SH/SHM.

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