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Menu entry Identify Phase

Pick a phase and determine its slowness and azimuth using array methods. You can give any name <pname> to this phase. Then after activating this menu entry SHM searches several event lists available in the internet.

For each event a number of phases is tested to match the travel time, azimuth and slowness of the phase in question. If any found, the best fitting event within some maximum tolerance limits is copied to the parameter box and all phases named <pname> are changed to the name of best matching phase.

The event list searched are:

The phases searched are: P, Pdiff, PcP, PP, PPP, PKPdf, PKPab, PKPbc, SP, PKKPdf, PKKPbc, PKKPab, SKKPdf, S, Sdiff, ScS, SS, SKSdf, SSS, SKKSac, SKKSdf.

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