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Menu entry Read Other

Reads data files of foreign formats. A converter program from the foreign format to GSE1 or GSE2 format must be provided as an external program. The converter must have the syntax <converter> <inputfile> <outputfile> and must be located in the directory $SH_UTIL. Via the Configure command SHM gets the name of the converter.

When the Read Other entry is selected, a file selection box pops up. The user specifies the data file in the foreign format, SHM runs the converter script on the selected file and creates a temporary GSE file in the $SH_SCRATCH directory, which is read in using the standard input command for GSE files.

This flexible interface allows the input of any format where the user is able to provide a converter program to GSE. However, since on every input command the conversion to GSE has to be performed, the interface is not as efficient as a directly implemented reader.

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