Last modified 15 years ago Last modified on 02/05/2009 11:24:55 AM

Menu entry Read AH

This option is available only if a suitable library libahaio.a for your system is present in $SH_LIB and the compiler switch SH_SETUP_AH is set at compilation time.

Reads in AH data files. A file selection box pops up to let the user select the data file. The default path in the selection box may be changed in Configure. After selecting the file, all traces of the file are read in. By default all previously read traces are deleted before reading a new AH file. To keep traces when reading new ones switch on the Keep Traces button in the Read dialog box (this is not straightforward, I admit).

Please note that all traces read with this function are multiplied with a factor of 2*pi. When working with velocity proportional data this ensures that the data are scaled to nm/s if the reference frequency is 1Hz. For other data this is maybe not wanted. This change this behaviour edit the file $SH_COMMAND/READAH.SHC.

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