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Menu entry Autodrm Request

General usage

Requests data from an AutoDRM server and includes received traces to the seismogram display. The AutoDRM server can be selected from a predefined list, the time window requested is the current window of the main seismogram display.

After selecting the menu item, a dialog box pops up. On top you find a list of 15 AutoDRM locations. You can select only one these radio buttons. The other elements of the dialog box are:

  • start time: takes start time in SH time format or is set to from-display which means it takes the time window from the seismogram display.
  • lth: takes the length of the time window in minutes or remains empty if start time is set to from-display
  • Configure: configuration of the AutoDRM list by editing the configuration file with the standard text editor. Read below about details.
  • OK: sends request mail and waits for a replay mail. After the mail has been received the data are added to the display. It may take several minutes until the replay mail arrives.
  • Cancel: exit from dialog box with no action.

Configuration of the AutoDRM request interface

The interface to the AutoDRM servers is configured using a text file $SH_USERDIR/autodrm_request_setup.dat. This file contains commands of the form

DRM-num c parameter


a two-digit number between 1 and 15 to identify the button number.
a command character, valid command are listed below.
a parameter string depending on the command character:
t: button title
e: email address of the AutoDRM server
c: AutoDRM command line
s: expression substituted by program (<msg-id>, <time>)
w: number of 15s waiting loops for reply mail
o: name of separate file created containing the reply mail
f: name of mail file on mail server
h: mail server

Important: The operation need a password-free ssh access to the mail server to retrieve the mail.

An example entry for the button number 5 is:

DRM-05 t Czech Rep. / Praha
DRM-05 e
DRM-05 s <msg-id>
DRM-05 c EMAIL seismo@yoursite.yourdomain
DRM-05 s <time>
DRM-05 w 25
DRM-05 f /var/mail/seismo
DRM-05 o /home/seismo/adrm.gse
DRM-05 h szmail

The lines with the c and s commands define the mail sent to the AutoDRM server. Please specify your reply address correctly. The expression s <msg-id> is replaced by a message ID, automatically created by the program, the expression s <time> is replaced by the time window specified in the dialog box described above.

The program expects the reply mail with the data requested on the host szmail in the mail file /var/mail/seismo and waits 25 wait loops of 15s each for its arrival. After arrival of the reply mail the data is extracted into a separate file /home/seismo/adrm.gse which is passed to SHM (read by GSE interface). Please clear the mail file (in this case /var/mail/seismo) from time to time, since the mails are not deleted from there.

Known Bugs

If there are more than 99 mails in the mailbox syntax errors have been reported.

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