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Menu entry Surface-Ampl automatic

Determine amplitude of surface wave on waveform. Surface amplitudes are usually read from simulations of an SRO-LP instrument and are attached to a pseudo-phase named L.

The amplitude may be determined like e.g. body wave magnitudes (on WWSSN-SP simulations) using the menu entry Ampl & Period auto Peak. This means select a phase L on the z-component of the surface wave train and proceed like for body waves.

For a following determination of a surface magnitude, however, the period of the surface amplitude measurement is recommended to range between 18s and 22s. This may cause repetitions of the above operation until this period window is found. This menu entry automatically finds the maximum amplitude in the required period range. You just have to select the time window of the complete surface wave train. Then an L phase is picked and its amplitude determined.

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