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     1= Menu entry Ampl auto, Period manu = 
     3Measure absolute amplitude on waveform. On some complex waveforms the automatic determination of the signal period may not give acceptable results (see commands [ShmDocMenuAmplitudeAmplitudePeriodAutoPeak Ampl & Period auto Peak] and [ShmDocMenuAmplitudeAmplitudePeriodAutoZero Ampl & Period auto Zero]).  
     5Here you can select the signal period directly by mouse using the left button, alike in the above commands. The algorithm searches minimum and maximum within the given window, half of their difference is used as plain amplitude. The period is read as the length of the time window you have selected.  
     7The dialog box popping up asks you for a multiplier of this selected period. E.g. if you selected only half of the period, choose 2. From the plain amplitude the absolute amplitudes of ground velocity and ground displacement is estimated dividing by the transfer function of the current simulation filter applied at the measured period (see [ShmDocFilterSimulation Work with simulation filters]).  
     9Amplitude determination works currently only after application of simulation filters. The results of the amplitude determination are written to the terminal window where SHM was called or may be viewed with menu entry [ShmDocMenuWorkShowParameters Show Parameters]. 
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