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    1 = Installing Seismic Handler = 
    3 Detailed installation instructions are available for [ShmInstallUbuntu Ubuntu 8.04], [ShmInstallSuse opensuse 11] and [ShmInstallDebian Debian 4.0 Etch]. 
    5 == With installation script == 
    7 For Solaris/Linux an [ installation script] is available. It installs and configures SH/SHM on Solaris or Linux machines. It was tested using the gcc compiler. Please `chmod a+x SHM-install.csh` after copying it. Please make sure that you are an in a (t)csh and have the openmotif libraries including development package installed on your system (and, of course, the C-compiler gcc). 
    9 If you want to run the SH/SHM installation from different accounts then you have to manually edit the file ''$SH_ROOT/setup/shsetup'' after the installation script has completed. Please change the line where the userroot is defined. An example would be: change '''set userroot=/myhome/myname/shfiles''' to '''set userroot=$HOME/shfiles'''. If you do not make this edit then users other than the installer will get a not writable scratch directory and SH/SHM will stop immediately. 
    11 Create your own configuration file to keep your personal configuration when installing new updates of SHM. Make a copy of ''$SH_INPUTS/shm-config.txt'' and create an environment variable ''SH_USER_PARAM'' pointing to it. E.g.: `cp $SH_INPUTS/shm-config.txt $HOME` and `setenv SH_USER_PARAM $HOME/shm-config.txt`. Put the setenv-command to your ''$HOME/.cshrc'' file to make it permanent. Then edit your configuration file ''$SH_USER_PARAM'' to match your needs. Please read the [ShmDocFileConfig documentation page] of the configuration file for details. 
    13 == Without installation script == 
    15 If the installation script does not work or for some reason you don't want to use it, the manual installation without this script is as follows: 
    17    1. select parent for SH directory tree: `cd <parent-dir>` 
    18    1. tar all files from tar archive to this directory, uncompress with gzip before if necessary 
    19 {{{ 
    20 gzip -d <tarfile>.gz 
    21 tar xvf <tarfile> 
    22 }}} 
    23    1. change directory to new created sh directory: `cd shfiles` 
    24    1. Edit the file ''setup/shsetup'' and set the root path '''shcroot''' to the actual value. If you need to compile the source you also should set the correct compiler (must be an ANSI compiler like gcc or acc) and the appropriate compiler switches. 
    25    1. run ''shsetup''. This should create two directories ''~/shfiles/shscratch'' and ''~/shfiles/private'' and define environment variables ''SH_...''. This works on (t)csh-shells only, sorry for this: 
    26 {{{ 
    27 source setup/shsetup 
    28 }}} 
    29       If you are able to use the executables (if provided in the tar-file) you are finished with installation and should be able to run the program by typing `SH`. If you have to recompile the source you have to continue. 
    30    1. cd to the root directory and make SH 
    31       * for SH alone: 
    32 {{{ 
    33 cd $SH_ROOT 
    34 make depend 
    35 make 
    36 make world 
    37 }}} 
    38       * for SH and SHM: 
    39 {{{ 
    40 cd $SH_ROOT 
    41 make depend_shm 
    42 make shm 
    43 make world 
    44 }}} 
    46 Now you may start ''shc_world'' by the alias `SH` and ''shc'' by `SH_N`. Similarly, use `SHM` for ''shm_world'' and `SHM_N` for ''shm''. Please note that two menu entries of SHM, '''LocSAT''' and '''FK''', call external programs. These external programs are not part of the SHM-distribution. Some precompiled versions of these programs may be downloaded separately from our ftp server. Available are currently versions for Sun (Solaris 2) and HP and Linux.  
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