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Version History of SH and SHM

23-feb-96 SH-4.0a
first ftp version of SH
26-feb-96 SH-4.0b
removed scan_streams* from $SH_UTIL, new examples for compiler-flags in setup/shsetup
26-mar-96 SH-4.0c
fixed amplitude bug (factor 2*pi) in reading GSE2.0 files
22-may-96 SH-4.0d
included HP-UX version
29-may-96 SH-4.0e
included IBM/AIX version
05-jun-96 SH-4.0f
missing compiler switch on HP-UX, fixed Makefile of mapmatrix
16-sep-96 SH-4.0g
fixed bug in array beam routine (mt_locate). Now use geometric center as reference. This bug caused errors in slowness and azimuth for large aperture arrays (GRSN). Slowness and Azimuth output in evt-files now in hundredths.
27-Dec-96 SH-4.0h
Implementation of SH-update scripts via ftp. Renaming of SHN to SH_N.
13-Jan-97 SH-4.0i
Trace display resizeable, text menue for configuring SHM.
22-Jan-97 SH-4.0j
new shmsetup-parameter 'auto_phase'. SHMSETUP continues after unknown item.

After SH-4.0j there are separate lists for SH and SHM:


19-Mar-97 SH-4.0k
GSE2.0 input improved: fixed bug in reading INTV data, GSE2 input can also read GSE1.0 (automatic distinction). Fixed bug in GSE1.0-cmp6 input. 'READGSE' is now obsolete, exists only for compatibility.
28-Apr-97 SH-4.0l
Implemented phase picker of Baer/Kradolfer? (command PICK)
30-May-97 SH-4.0m
Two serious bugs in READGSE2 found and fixed. (1) Amplitudes were wrong if calibration period not equal to 1 in GSE2 files. (2) READGSE2 missed one digit of the milliseconds when reading GSE1 files -> Time error up to 1 sec. (reading GSE2 files with READGSE2 was o.k.)
05-Dec-97 SH-4.0n
command 'reads': Fixed calib=0-bug when reading starts in a gap. Time-axis is not shifted any more in the distance-proportional display.
01-Sep-98 SH-4.0o
Can read mixed MiniSEED of 512-byte and 4096-byte records.
17-Mar-99 SH-4.0p
Implemented /TIMECORR qualifier on READS command. Applies time corrections in MiniSEED data files.
13-Jan-2000 SH-4.0q
Y2K bug fixes and minor changes.
SH-4.0r Change in Makefiles to work properly on Solaris 7.
23-Nov-2001 SH-4.0s
Some new commands (stalta, stability, leveldetec)
07-Feb-2002 SH-4.0t
Can read Steim2 compression in MiniSEED files.
08-Jul-2002 SH-4.0u
Can read wordorder=0 (80x86 format) Steim1-MiniSEED
01-Mar-2004 SH-4.0v
Fixed bug in Q-file module. When inserting new Q-file entries corrupted headers could be produced after leaving SH.
27-Aug-2004 SH-4.0w
minor changes for ESC course in Potsdam
21-Nov-2005 SH-4.1a
changes in source code for 64bit system (Suse Linux 10.0)
08-Mar-2006 SH-4.1b
Read from Steim1/2 compressed Seed volumes via seed2sfd. Network code and location ID can be passed to the reads command to select specific streams from a Seed volume.
01-Apr-2006 SH-4.1c
Fixed bug in q-file interface on 64bit systems. Number of info entries increased. See command entry list <file>.
26-Jul-2006 SH-5.0a
SH code prepared for IP port I/O to send SH commands to remote machines. New commands MERGE and MERGE_PAIR for merging two traces with correct timing (in opposite to APPEND).
12-Nov-2006 SH-5.0b
No public release
28-Dec-2006 SH-5.0c
Configuration file from SHM also usable for SH; multiple search paths for command procedures, filter input and station info file; new command Spectrogram; fixed bug in reading cm6 compressed GSE files on 64bit systems

in preparation: SH-5.0d Fixed bug on long path lists in 'fct path command ...' commands. Default switches for 'reads' command (/[no]swap, /[no]invhdr) definable in configuration file.


12-feb-97 SHM-2.1a
complete reorganization of internal phase management. Big changes, new bugs possible.
19-mar-97 SHM-2.1b
see SH-4.0k
05-may-97 SHM-2.1c
Interface for M. Baer's phase picker (Menu options 'Onset Pick' and 'Onset Pick Setup ...').
30-may-97 SHM-2.1d
see SH-4.0m
04-Jun-97 SHM-2.1e
amplitude readings on unfiltered traces from other stations than GRF/GRSN/GERESS now possible.
05-Dec-97 SHM-2.1f
Reading of q-files now possible (Menu entry 'Read Q'). Added parameters in 'Configure'.
10-Dec-97 SHM-2.1g
3-components display now possible in zoom-window. Phase picking restricted to visible trace display area. Improvements in handling pseudo-phases. Initial MiniSEED read dialog box configurable with resource file.
15-Jul-98 SHM-2.1h
Interface for foreign data formats. Needs an external programs which converts data to GSE.
01-Sep-98 SHM-2.1i
Can read mixed MiniSEED files of 512-byte and 4096-byte records. Implementation of Spectrum display. More elaborate mouse cursors.
17-Nov-98 SHM-2.1k
Implementation of particle motion diagrams. Writing of MiniSEED and GSE files.
18-Jan-99 SHM-2.1l
Switching of MiniSEED-Read-Dialogboxes.
22-Jun-99 SHM-2.1m
Fixed bugs in reading GSE-files using BP as default filter, implemented small tolerance in valid sample rate of recursive filters, automatic 'Get Values' Option in FK, new menu entry 'Fix Beam', accept long station list in 'reads' command.
13-Jan-2000 SHM-2.1n
Y2K bug fixes and minor changes.
23-Nov-2001 SHM-2.1p
Bugfix for LocSAT on Linux for German events. Correlation picker
07-Feb-2002 SHM-2.1q
Interface for AutoDRM requests. Reads GSE-data from AutoDRMs fully automatically. All standard AutoDRMs can be configured using a text file. Uses SH-4.0t and can read Steim2 compressed miniSEED files.
08-May-2002 SHM-2.1r
Possible to read in Intel-formatted MiniSEED files.
26-Aug-2002 SHM-2.1s
Improvements for Linux environment
30-Apr-2003 SHM-2.1t
Interface for Hypocenter location program
24-Nov-2004 SHM-2.2a
development of installation scripts
27-Aug-2004 SHM-2.2b
new names for Flinn-Engdahl regions
03-Nov-2004 SHM-2.2c
particle motion diagram writes out angle of main polarisation; new filter button: restitution to displacement; changes in 'Spectrum' window, incl. linear fit
12-Jan-2005 SHM-2.2d
optimized functionality of ReadNew? and ReadAgain? buttons in the MiniSEED read dialog box; two more parameters of LocSAT location (residual rms & max. azimuthal gap) stored in evt-file.
15-Apr-2005 SHM-2.2e
time dependent transfer functions implemented additional parameters in evt-files (Mw, Broadband Magnitude, User Magnitude, Corner Freq., Low Freq Level, Moment tensor Elements, Scalar Moment, Fault Plane Solution), user-defined attenuation in ml-formula
20-Jun-2005 SHM-2.2f
Implementation of tabulated (FAP) filters for simulation filters in SHM
17-Jul-2005 SHM-2.2g
Implementation of Broadband Magnitude
21-Nov-2005 SHM-2.3a
Fix compilation errors on Suse Linux 10.0, core dump on 64bit system fixed
03-Mar-2006 SHM-2.3b
Increase number of plugins from 10 to 20
09-Mar-2006 SHM-2.3c
new plugin command reread (refresh plugin definitions)
16-Jun-2006 SHM-2.4a
Simple configuration file (no more SHM_USER_STARTUP.SHC) including window geometry and MiniSEED station interface (no more STATLIST_...STX-files). Definition of network buttons with arbitrary station subsets possible. Separate configurations for different users possible, including own station info file (STATINF.DAT) or filter lookup table (filter_lookup.txt). SEED Calibration gains in a single text file instead of many seedcalib_...-files (seedcalib_...-files are still supported if desired, also a conversion tool is provided). Data quality defects reported in SEED-quality flags indicated by alert trace colour. Add Plugin feature implemented to download available plugins from our website directly into your program (plugin for source code update available). Freely definable colours of trace windows (foreground and background) and dialog boxes. Text output in shell window reduced. Improvements in Identify Phase, Surface Waves included in Locations matching. Improvements in FK interface (automatic presetting of values for LP filters, decimation possible). Fixed bug in q-file handling on 64bit machines.
18-Jun-2006 SHM-2.4b
fixed bug for 64bit version of version 2.4a; modularised configuration file (include statement); dialog box colour configurable in configuration file
26-Jul-2006 SHM-2.4c
fixed bug: too many open files in version 2.4b when using option Identify Phases. New parameters for configuration file: trace_normalisation, exclusive_agency and recover_evid. See documentation for details on these. Improvements in trace normalisation.
09-Oct-2006 SHM-2.4d
New menu entry Spectrogram (computes spectrogram of a trace); segmentation fault fixed on not existing evt-files in the event list file. Improvements in trace rotation: if azimuth equals 0, azimuth is computed from epicentre location
15-Oct-2006 SHM-2.4e
Fixed bug in Identify Phase (source depth has been dropped in some cases); additional Butterworth filtering to simulation filters on selected traces
12-Nov-2006 SHM-2.4f
No public release
28-Dec-2006 SHM-2.4g
Implementation of string lists in various paths (multiple search paths for command procedures, filters, station infos, sensitivities, filter lookup tables); use of internal and environment variables in string parameters of the configuration file; rubber drag box movable by arrow keys and right mouse click in zoom window; rounding of time labels on time axis; fixed bug in reading of cm6 compressed GSE files on 64bit systems
05-May-2007 SHM-2.4h
Fixed bug (caused segmentation fault) connected with 'Identify Phase'. Increased command line length for working with many stations. Set alert colour on traces with unknown station name. New menu entry 'Delete Bad Qual'.

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