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The display windows

SHM starts up with two display windows for seismograms, a main display window and a zoom window. After any read operation the new traces appear in the main display window. Previously read traces are removed before reading new traces by default (see also command Read). By use of the right mouse button a time window may be selected on one trace of the main display (see use of the mouse buttons). The waveform in the selected window is displayed immediately in the zoom window of SHM. The zoom window provides quickly an increased time and amplitude resolution of any trace of the main window. Phase picks may be done in either of the two windows. The time window displayed in the main window may be changed by the commands of the menu Window. If a filter is selected it is applied to all traces on display. The original traces are hidden, only the filtered traces remain visible. For reasons of effiency the unfiltered traces are kept in memory, a change of the filter deletes the previous filter output and operates on the unfiltered traces. The filter remains active until it is switched off again (see command Filter). An active filter is applied automatically to new traces read in.

Descriptions on changing window sizes to be added.

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