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Analysis parameter box

This dialog box contains results of the seismogram analysis. The parameters are slowness and back-azimuth of the locating (teleseismic) phase, latitude and longitude of the seismic source, epicentral distance to the event, focal depth of the event and origin time of the event.

Slowness and Azimuth

Determined slowness and back-azimuth of a teleseismic phase. Values can be obtained by the options Plane Wave or FK. Slowness and azimuth may be calibrated by the option Calibration if calibration tables for the recording array are available.

Latitude and Longitude

Source location in degrees determined by a location program, e.g. Locate Tele.


Distance in degrees or km from epicenter to reference station. Computed by location programs, e.g. Locate Tele.


Focal depth of source in km. Computed by menu entry Depth using depth phases.

Date and Time

Origin time of event. Computed by location programs, e.g. Locate Tele.

Location Quality Q

The location or slowness beam may be qualified with this option menu. Possible values are 0 (not qualified, default), wk (too weak), ic (incoherent), dr (only direction reliable), rg (no exact location, only region to be used), rl (location reliable).

Parameter Set

SHM holds three sets of analysis parameters. This option menu switches between the sets. The sets may be used for comparing different location methods.

Zoom ruler

Amplification of amplitudes in the main display window. The discrete amplification steps (numbered from -10 to 10) are scaled exponentially.

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