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sfdb Table sftab

station VARCHAR(10),
chan CHAR(2),
comp CHAR,
pathid INTEGER,
relpath VARCHAR(255),
sdate INTEGER,
stime DOUBLE,
edate INTEGER,
etime DOUBLE,
recnum INTEGER,
hswap TINYINT,
recsize INTEGER,
offset INTEGER,
dataflags INTEGER,
priority TINYINT,
dataformat TINYINT,
qualref INTEGER,
PRIMARY KEY(pathid,relpath),


  • station: lowercase station name, e.g. 'grfo'
  • chan: lowercase channel name, e.g. 'bh'
  • comp: lowercase component, e.g. 'z'
  • pathid: rootpath ID number; the path strings are taken from lookup table 'pathtab'; suggested ranges of 'pathid' numbers:
    0 : empty rootpath, absolute path given in 'relpath';
    1-99 : paths to temporary online-files ((A)-type files);
    101-999: paths to other temporary files ((B)-type files);
    1000 : reserved entry; separator between temporary and archive paths;

    1000 : paths to archived data ('DVD-paths' or permanent 'RAID-paths', (C)-type files);

  • relpath: relative paths to data files
  • sdate: start date of data file, integer YYYYMMDD
  • stime: start time of data file, float HHMMSS.SSS
  • edate: end date of data file, integer YYYYMMDD
  • etime: end time of data file, float HHMMSS.SSS
  • recnum: number of SEED records in data file, used for positioning within file
  • hswap: swap header info in miniseed record headers (0=no, 1=yes)
  • recsize: size of SEED records in bytes, typical values: 512 or 4096
  • offset: number of leading SEED records in data file which are not data records, usually 0 or 1 in MiniSEED, larger values in full SEED volumes
  • dataflags: data quality flags as defined similar to the values in the SEED record header. A value set here affects all records of the file:
    0x01 Saturated,
    0x02 Clipped,
    0x04 Spikes,
    0x08 Glitches,
    0x10 Missing Data Padded,
    0x20 Sync Error,
    0x40 Filter Charging,
    0x80 Time Tag,
    0x1000 No Calibration (SH internal flag),
    0x2000 Data Locked (SH internal flag)
    a value of 0 means that data are ok
  • dataformat: data format ID; not yet implemented in SH/SHM. Suggested: 1=miniseed, 2=gcf
  • priority: priority of entry; larger values = higher priority e.g. temporary data paths (id < 1000) should have lower priority than archived paths (id > 1000), since archived paths should be complete
  • qualref: reference ID (pointer) to quality entry in table qualtab. This table contains statistical information about the data file. If no entry in table qualtab is available this entry is NULL.

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