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sfdb Table rsynctab

destpath VARCHAR(255),


  • id: path ID; description see 'pathid' in table sftab
  • destpath: destination path to rsync backup

Several destination paths may be specified separated by semicolons: destpath='serv08:/data/rsync_root/101;serv09:/data/rsync_root/101' will create identical copies on two output disks at hosts serv08 and serv09.

The input may be restricted using selectors and @-signs: destpath='[a-m]*@serv08:/data/rsync_root/101;[n-z]*@serv09:/data/rsync_root/101' will copy all files starting with [a-m] on the input path to serv08 and files starting with [n-z] to serv09.

The output disks are checked for free space. Warning messages to logmsg are issued on high disk usage (>89%) or full disks (>96%) as well as on non-zero return values (returned by python os.system) indicating disk access or I/O problems on the output disks. On full disks no rsync jobs are started.

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