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sfdb Table backup

pathid INTEGER,
mediatype INTEGER,
label VARCHAR(255),
version INTEGER,
creation DATETIME,
lastcheck DATETIME,
status INTEGER,
locations VARCHAR(255),
comment VARCHAR(255), 


  • pathid: Path ID as used in sftab (and pathtab). Describes path to data saved.
  • mediatype: Identifier defining the media type for the backup. Valid values are 1 (=DVD), 2 (=CD), 3 (=ext USB disk), 4 (=online storage), 5 (=tape).
  • label: Label of storage medium. E.g. label on DVD or on external USB disk.
  • version: Version of backup. A data directory (described by pathid) may be saved more than once on different media possibly under the same label.
  • creation: Creation date and time of the backup entry.
  • lastcheck: Date and time of the last integrity check of the backup (MD5 checksums).
  • status: Status of the last integrity check performed. 1=ok, other values indicate errors or problems.
  • location: Optional description of location of backup medium.
  • comment: Optional comment.

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