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logmsg Table msgtab

msgid INTEGER,
msgnum INTEGER,
level INTEGER,
addtext VARCHAR(255),
location VARCHAR(50),
process VARCHAR(50),
author VARCHAR(50),
flags INTEGER,


  • msgid: message ID; unique number for message entry in msgtab
  • msgnum: message number; a code number for a specific text message. The corresponding text message can be found in the txttab table.
  • level: numeric value of the alert level of the message
  • addtext: additional text to be added to the message
  • location: a text describing the location of the error, usually a station name
  • process: a text entry identifying the process which created the message
  • author: a text entry identifying the author of the message
  • flags: flags to be set on the message entry. Defined so far is: 0x01 Ack (Acknowledged)

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