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write traces to ASCII file

command: WRITEA <ascii-file> <trc-list> [<i1> [<i2> [<i3> ... ]]]

Writes traces to ASCII file. If more than one trace is specified then the ASCII data are concatenated. From each trace info entries can be inserted to the ASCII file. The info's DELTA and LENGTH are written automatically to the ASCII file. The parameters <iN> can contain additional info entry description strings. Name and value of the info are then inserted to the output file. Each information is placed in a separate line. The sample data are written in exponential format, eight numbers per line (to change this, see qualifiers). If an ASCII file of the name <ascii-file> exists already, the new data file is appended. This means that you can write your own header of the ASCII file using the commands ECHO_CH and ECHO.


  • <ascii-file> parameter type: filename
    Name of the ASCII file to be created.
  • <trc-list> parameter type: trace list
    List of traces to be written to the ASCII file.
  • <i1>, <i2>, ... parameter type: info entry
    Additional info entries which should be inserted to the ASCII file for each trace.


  • /npl=<number>
    Numbers per line in ASCII file. Default is eight.
  • /fmt=<format>
    Format of the floating point samples to be written to the ASCII file. The default format is "%e " (to be entered as /fmt=<%@e_>). The angle brackets must be specified in this case to denote a format string in SH. The "@"-character makes the next character lowercase (remember the automatic case conversion of the command line) and the "_" is translated into a blank. If you omit the "_", then the output numbers are concatenated without separation characters if the numbers overflow the given format.


writea myascii 1 distance depth
Writes trace 1 to ASCII file "myascii". Before the sample data there are four info lines containing LENGTH, DELTA, DISTANCE and DEPTH.
writea/npl=4 myascii 1-3
Writes first three traces to ASCII file "myascii". Each trace is preceded by two info lines containing LENGTH and DELTA. The ASCII file has 4 samples per line.
writea/fmt=<%8.3@f_> myascii 1
Writes first trace to ASCII file. The samples are preceded by two info lines containing LENGTH and DELTA. The samples are written in floating point format with three decimal digits.