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normalize amplitudes

command: UNIT <trc-list> [<lo-wdw> <hi-wdw>]

Normalizes amplitudes of traces in <trc-list>. Finds maximum amplitude of traces within specified time window (if not specified the current display window is used) and multiplies all traces in <trc-list> with the reciprocal value of this maximum. This command does not only affect the display of the traces, it changes the sample values! Keep this in mind if you compute rotations or sums of these traces later on.


  • <trc-list> parameter type: trace list
    List of traces to be normalized.
  • <lo-wdw>, <hi-wdw> parameter type: real
    Time window bounds for search of maximum amplitude. If not specified the current display window is used.


unit all
normalizes all traces on display
unit 1-3 0 100
normalizes first three traces to the maximum amplitude between 0 and 100 sec