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trace info text

command: TRCTXT <text1>[ <text2>[ ... <textN>]]

Changes information text at traces. Each text parameter <textX> is printed at every trace, separated by spaces. If a parameter equals to "\" (backslash) a new line is started (the backslash is not printed).

There is a special option for accessing info entry values of the traces. If the index value of the info entry descriptor equals to "$x", the info entry of the current plotted trace is substituted, e.g. "trctxt ^comment($x)" means that at each trace the correspondent comment string is displayed.

The style block number used for trace info output is $trcinfostyle.


  • <text1>, <text2>, ..., <textN> parameter type: string
    Information text displayed at each trace. All parameters are concatenated with a separation blank in between. Backslashes ("\") start a new line.


trctxt ^station($x) ^comp($x) ^start($x) ^comment($x)
Specifies three lines for each trace. The first line contains station and component, the second the start time and the last is a comment on the trace.