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trace functions

command: TRCFCT <trc-list> <function> [<p1>]

Manipulates traces. Action depends on <function>. Valid values for <function> see below. All input traces are changed, that means no additional output traces are created. After execution trace info entries MIN and MAX are updated.


  • <trc-list> parameter type: trace list
    List of traces to be manipulated.
  • <function> parameter type: string
    Function name. Valid values are:
mul multiplication with <p1>
add add <p1> to all samples
square square all data samples
ssquare square all samples, preserving the sign
spower takes <p1>-th power of all samples, preserving the sign
abs take absolute value
remav subtract mean from samples
ln natural logarithm
sign replace negative samples by -1.0, otherwise set to 1.0
meanrepl replace <p1> values by mean of remaining samples


trcfct all mul 10.0
Amplifies all traces on display by factor of 10.0. The result is similar to the command "ZOOM /rel all 10.0", but here the sample values are changed, not only the display.
trcfct all spower 0.25
Takes 4-th root of each sample of every trace on display preserving the sign.