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ScXML2Evt: SeisComP3 conversion utility

This tool converts the XML dump produced by SeisComP version 3 (SC3) into EVT format. So you are able to access SC3's automated picks.

How to get the XML dump

To obtain a suitable XML dump use the following command in seiscomp/bin:

./scxmldump --event eventid --database mysql://... --preferred-only --with-picks --formatted --output dump.xml

Please supply a valid SC3 eventid and you database connection string for your installation of SC3. The dump now contains picks, arrivals and event information for the most likely localisation for this specific event.

Please note: The XML output of SC3 is subjected to change due to incorporation of the new QuakeML standard.

Transform into Seismic Handler's evt format

Please always use the latest version of ScXML2Evt!

Simply supply input and output file to the script:

./ dump.xml event.evt

If you ommit the output file, results will be written to stdout. Any existing output file will be overwritten!

Read EVT file

The resulting EVT file can be read in SHM. Access via "Save -> Restore evt..." (read more...)

download & installation

ScXML2Evt is available via SVN repository: No installation is neccessary, if system requirements are met.

system requirements

ScXML2Evt had been tested within following environment:

  • python 2.5.2
  • lxml library version 2.1.beta2

Since the script isn't complex, it should run anywhere python's lxml module can be accessed.