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set global switches

command: SWITCH <switchname> <on/off>

Turns an SH switch on or off. Unless the "/global"-qualifier is specified the switch state is changed only locally.


  • <switchname> parameter type: string
    Name of switch to be turned on or off. Valid names see below.
  • <on/off> parameter type: string
    Either keyword "on" (turns switch on) of keyword "off" (turns switch off)

switch names

cmderrstop on On errors, command files are aborted, an error log file is created and SH returns to the interactive level (default).
off Command files don't care about errors and continue execution. Be careful turning this switch off, use it only in fail-safe command files.
sherrstop on On errors the whole Seismic Handler session is aborted. Useful mainly for batch jobs which should be terminated on errors to prevent them from working on erroneus data.
off Errors cause error messages but no program exit (default).
verify on Each command (interactively entered or read from command file) is displayed on screen after translating all parameters.
off Commands are not displayed (default).
protocol on Each interactive command is logged in the session protocol file. The actual name of the session protocol file depends on the operating system (default).
off The commands are not logged in the protocol file.
echo on Each command is echoed on the info channel(s) before translation.
off The commands are not echoed (default).
capcnv on The whole command line is converted to uppercase letters before translation (default).
off Lowercase letters are not converted. In this case you have to enter all command verbs and keywords in uppercase otherwise they will not be recognized.
step on Stops execution of a command procedure after each command, displays the original comand line and waits for input of <CR>.
off Command procedures are processed normally (default).
noerrmsg on On errors no error messages are displayed and no warning bell is generated. Useful in combination with "cmderrstop" flag if possibly occurring errors are handled inside a command procedure.
off Errors cause messages and warning bell (default).
chatty on Some commands print an information message, for example "sum" or "write" (default).
off The information message is suppressed. This is useful in command procedures whode internal structure should be hidden from the user.
startup   Special flag. A startup file of SH must contain the command "switch startup off".


  • /global
    The specified switch is changed globally and not only local to the current command level.


switch cmderrstop off
switches cmderrstop flag off