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change value of info entry

command: SET <trc-list> <info-entry> <value>

Changes the value of info entries of one or more traces in the memory. This change of the value is not stored in the q-file of the trace and therefore the next seismhandler session uses the old value again. To change the value permanently use the /FILE qualifier (see below).


  • <trc-list> parameter type: trace list
    List of traces, which info values are to be changed.
  • <info-entry> parameter type: info entry
    Name of info entry. See list of valid entry names by ENTRY LIST.
  • <value> parameter type: depends on entry type
    New value of info entry.


  • /file
    The value of the info entry is set not only in the memory, but in the source file of the trace as well (if there exists one). Thus the new value is kept for all following sessions.
  • /mod
    Valid only in combination with "/FILE" qualifier. Performs value insertion to header of q-file even if the specified trace is not the original trace read from the file but a modified one, maybe filtered or resampled.
  • /default
    The given value of an info entry is used as a default value for all new created traces. The /DEFAULT qualifier is valid only in combination with the following info entries: ATTRIB, REDUCTION, NORM, ZOOM, WEIGHT
  • /priv
    Change the value of read-only entry.


set comment string of first trace to "DISTANCE " & distance value
set/file 1 SLOWNESS 5.234
set slowness value to 5.234 on file and in memory if the value is stored in memory