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3D rotation into LQT system

command: ROT3 <zne-list> <azimuth> <inci>

3-dimensional rotation of components Z,N,E (given by parameter <zne-list>) into L,Q,T system. The two angles are <azimuth> and <inci> (angle of incidence). The output traces get the component names L,Q,T. The input traces remain unchanged.


  • <zne-list> parameter type: trace list
    List of input traces. Should be Z,N,E components. The length of this trace list must be 3, otherwise the command procedure is aborted. Please note that the order of the traces in the list <zne-list> must be Z,N,E (this is not checked).
  • <azimuth>, <inci> parameter type: real
    Rotation angles in degrees. The rotation matrix is given in the HELP of the ROT command.


rot3 1-3 23.3 9.8
rotates the first three traces (succession of components must be Z,N,E) by angles of 23.3 deg (azimuth) and 9.8 deb (angle of incidence)

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