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compute RMS

command: RMS <trc> <lo-bound> <hi-bound> [<symbol>]

Computes RMS value for a trace or a part of a trace (sums all squared samples, divides through number of samples and takes square root). The resulting value is copied to the symbol specified or written to screen.


  • <trc> parameter type: trace
    Trace to compute rms.
  • <lo-bound>, <hi-bound> parameter type: real
    Time window used for RMS calculation, if not defined all trace will be used.
  • <symbol> parameters type: output symbol
    Variable to take the resulting rms value.


  • /srs
    Compute just the square root sum of the trace.
  • /sam
    Compute a "squared arithmetic mean" by summing all squared samples, taking square root and dividing through number of samples. This was the standard behaviour in versions before 2007 (but it violates the definition of RMS).


rms 1 ;;; &g1
computed RMS value of whole trace 1 and puts result into variable G1