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read from Mini-SEED

command: READS <path> <time> <seclength> <stations> <comps> <chan>

Reads traces from Mini-SEED files via a special directory file (sfd-file). The traces read are added to the display list.


  • <path> parameter type: string
    Specifies the path to the sfd-file. Usually this is the name of an environment variable which points to this path followed by a colon (like "sfd:").
  • <time> parameter type: time
    Absolute time to be read from file (string containing no blanks like "25,2,96,3,27" or "25-feb-96_3:27"). [At SZGRF only: <time> == "ONLINE" reads online data.]
  • <seclength> parameter type: real
    Time window in seconds read in.
  • <stations> parameter type: string
    Comma separated list of stations (no blanks !) or abbreviations "grf" (all GRF stations) or "all" (all GRSN stations).
  • <comps> parameter type: string
    List of components like "zne" or "z".
  • <chan> parameter type: string
    2-character channel specifier (SEED naming conventions) like "bh", "lh" and others.


  • /close
    Does not read but closes all previously opened SEED files.
  • /force
    Creates zero traces if specified time and channel is not available for a station.
  • /sfd=<sfdfile>
    Name of sfd-file used in directory <path>. Necessary only if the name is different from "sfdfile.sfd".
  • /[no]swap Requests/Prevents? byte-swapping of data when reading SEED data. Default is /SWAP.
  • /[no]invhdr Requests/Prevents? byte-swapping of header information when reading SEED data. Default is /NOINVHDR.


reads SFD: 23-feb-96_8:23 600 GRF ZNE BH
reads 10min of GRF data from sfd-path SFD
reads %HERE 23,2,96,8,23 600 GRA1,GRB1,GRC1 Z BH
reads 10 minutes of 3 stations GRA1, GRB1, GRC1 from sfd-file which is on current working directory.