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merges two traces together

command: MERGE <trc1> <trc2>

Merges two traces <trc1> and <trc2>. Both traces must have the same sample rate. The input traces remain unchanged. The (new) output trace in general contains samples of <trc1> and <trc2> and are properly aligned in time. Three cases are distinguished:

  1. The time span of one trace is completely contained in the time span of the other. Then the output trace is a copy of the long trace.
  2. In all other cases where we have overlapping traces, the samples of the trace with the later start time overwrite the samples of the other trace.
  3. The traces do not overlap in time. Then the gap is filled with samples of constant values (value of the first sample of the later trace).

The output trace will have the same station information as the trace starting earlier in time. The station information of the other trace is ignored. You may merge two traces with different names and components.


  • <trc1>, <trc2> parameter type: trace
    Traces to be merged.


merge 1 2
merges trace 1 and 2