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mark time at trace

command: MARK <trc> <time>

Marks time point on the specified trace by a vertical bar.


  • <trc> parameter type: trace
    Trace to be marked at time <time>.
  • <time> parameter type: real
    Time position to be marked at <trc>. The time value can be entered as a relative time (example: "23.132") or, if the "/ABS"-qualifier is specified, as an absolute time value (example: "14-JUL-1990_18:30:02.132").


  • /abs
    The specified time <time> is an absolute value rather than a relative.
  • /label=<text>
    Prints a label <text> on the marked position.
  • /pos=<pos>
    Determines the position of the label. A <pos>-value of 1.0 puts the text on top of the vertical mark line, a value of 0.0 puts it on the bottom. You can specify any real value in between (or even outside but then the text will be apart from the mark line). The default value is 1.0.
  • /size=<size>
    Specifies the length of the vertical marker. Default value is 1.0 (full length). You get shorter markers if you set <size> smaller than 1.0.


mark/abs 2 ^P-ONSET(2)
marks onset time of second trace
mark 1 0.
marks zero time of trace 1
mark/label=PKP/pos=0.0/length=.5 1 23.0
marks trace 1 at time 23.0 with a labelled ("PKP" at the bottom) bar of half of the standard length