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fold traces with filter

command: FOLD <trc-list> [<lo-bound> <hi-bound>] <filter>

Folds traces with a filter trace <filter>. If no time window <lo-bound>, <hi-bound> is specified the whole traces are filtered.


  • <trc-list> parameter type: trace list
    List of traces to be filtered.
  • <lo-bound>, <hi-bound> parameter type: real
    If specified the filtering is restricted to this time window given in seconds relative to the time axis, otherwise the whole trace are filtered.
  • <filter> parameter type: trace Filter trace.


fold 1-3 10. 20. 4
folds traces 1,2,3 with trace 4 between 10 sec and 20 sec
fold 1;;4
folds whole trace 1 with trace 4