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redisplay traces

command: DISPLAY <trc-list> <pos>

Rearranges display and/or redisplays hidden traces (HIDE command). The traces specified by <trc-list> are displayed at positions <pos>, <pos+1>, ..., <pos>+N (N = length of trace list). The traces in <trc-list> may be traces from the display (then the traces can be rearranged) or hidden traces (then they are redisplayed). Hidden traces can be accessed by the "ALL_H" trace list parameter, using global lists or by info value expressions (example "_DISTANCE(50:80)").


  • <trc-list> parameter type: trace list
    List of traces to be rearranged or redisplayed.
  • <pos> parameter type: integer
    Position number of first trace in <rec-list>.


display h:all 1
display all hidden traces