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delay and sum

command: DELAY+SUM <trc-list> <azimuth> <slowness>

Delays traces specified in <trc-list> to align seismic phases with the same azimuth and slowness. Before applying delays all traces are reset in time. After applying delays all specified traces are summed and a SUM trace appears on top of the display.


  • <trc-list> parameter type: trace list
    List of traces to be beamed.
  • <azimuth> parameter type: real
    Azimuth of phase to be aligned given in degrees.
  • <slowness> parameter type: real
    Slowness of phase to be aligned given in sec/degree.


delay+sum all 30.0 5.0
shift all traces to beam a phase of azimuth 30 degrees and slowness 5.0 sec/deg