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cut traces

command: CUT <trc-list> <lo-bound> <hi-bound>

Changes length of traces. All data samples of the specified traces in <trc-list> not within the given time window from <lo-bound> to <hi-bound> are deleted from memory.


  • <trc-list> parameter type: trace list
    List of traces to be cut.
  • <lo-bound>, <hi-bound> parameter type: real
    Time window (relative to time axis) for cutting traces.


  • /qual
  • /pos=<time-info>
    Changes the reference time of the time window [<lo-bound>..<hi-bound>] to the value of the info entry <time-info>. In this case <time-info> must be of time type. If <time-info> is of real type it is assumed to be a distance value which is used in combination with the value of a "/vel=<velocity>" qualifier to compute reduced velocity time windows (see examples).


cut 1-3 40 100
cuts traces 1,2,3 to time window from 40 sec to 100 sec
cut/pos=p-onset all -20 100
cuts all traces 20 sec before p-onset and 100 sec after it.
cut/pos=distance/vel=6.0 all 40 100
reduced time window (velocity 6.0)