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create synthetics

command: CREATE <type> <dt> <length> <amplitude>[<p1>[...<pN>]]

Creates a synthetic trace. There exist different types of traces which can be created (see parameter <type>).


  • <type> parameter type: string
    Type of synthetic trace to be created. Valid parameters are:
    • SPIKE - spike trace, spike is positioned at <p1> seconds (time axis)
    • GAUSS - gauss peak at position <p1> seconds, <p2> specifies width
    • EXP - (one sided) exponential peak at <p1> seconds, <p2> = decay
    • SHARP - explosive point source at position <p1>, formula is g(t) = exp( -<p2>*(t-<p1>) * sin(<p3>*(t-<p1>))/<p3>
    • RANDOM - random trace
  • <dt> parameter type: real
    Sample distance of trace.
  • <length> parameter type: real
    Length of trace in seconds.
  • <amplitude> parameter type: real
    Maximum amplitude of trace.


CREATE SPIKE .05 30 1 10
create spike