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     1= Seismic Handler installation = 
     3Seismic Handler is only available for Linux systems. Support for other Unix operating systems was dropped. Installation instructions listed here are only valid for the lasted software release. 
     5== Preparation == 
     7Please install all necessary software for X11 and Motif development. Detailed instructions are available for following Linux flavours: 
     9 * [ShmInstallUbuntu Ubuntu] and related systems like Kubuntu, Xubuntu, ... 
     10 * [ShmInstallSuse openSUSE] 
     11 * [ShmInstallDebian Debian] 
     12 * [ShmInstallFedora Fedora] 
     14== Download == 
     16Download the latest installation package: [] (also see [wiki:ShmRelease20112 release notes]). 
     18If you plan to install SH/SHM at a system without internet access, please also download the FK and LocSAT archives. If an internet connection is available at the target system, these files will be downloaded '''automatically''': 
     20 * [ FK package] (only necessary if no internet connection available at target system!) 
     21 * [ LocSAT] (ditto) 
     23== Installation == 
     25 1. Start installation in the directory you downloaded the installation package: 
     27$ bash ./ 
     29    If you need to use alternative locations for LocSAT/FK simply add them as parameter, for example like 
     31$ bash ./ -l /tmp/locsat-linux.tar.gz -f /tmp/fk-linux.tar.gz 
     33    It's also possible to use an FTP or HTTP address, e.g: {{{-l http://localmirror/locsat-linux.tar.gz}}} 
     34 1. If you have no administrative rights, you can perform an user installation to any directory you are able to write in. 
     35 1. LocSAT and fk are downloaded from our FTP server automatically. If you set alternate locations, these will be used. 
     36 1. Before performing the installation, you can alter some automatically detected settings: 
     38(u)  user root path:           $HOME/shfiles 
     39(e)  window based texteditor:  kwrite 
     40(c)  linux colors:             yes 
     42    If everything is ok, start compiling by typing "i". 
     43 1. Compilation process takes place. Please look for compiling errors. 
     44 1. Finished. If any problems are found, the temporary directory with the installation sources is kept, otherwise deleted. 
     45 1. Update your environment depending on your shell (edit ~/.cshrc or ~/.bashrc respectively). The exact procedure depends on the installation path. After installing SH/SHM the setup routine will display the effective information. 
     47If you have problems installing SH/SHM please contact us via discussion forum or [ users mailing list]! 
     49== Known issues == 
     51 * If you installed SH/SHM as root user, you may need to update the ownership of {{{~/shfiles}}}: 
     53cd ; (sudo) chown -R $USER shfiles 
     55 * Ubuntu based systems from version 9.04 on have defect motif libraries. SHM will crash right after start. A solution is replacing the motif libs manually ([ShmInstallUbuntu#DefectmotiflibrariesinUbuntu detailed instructions]). 
     56 * Some versions of OpenSUSE ship with a defect UIL compiler. You can simply replace ''sh/source/motif/shm_world.uid'' by the [attachment:wiki:ShmRelease20112:shm_world.uid file attached] here. 
     57 * On KDE systems there's a short pause after start-up of SHM.