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#1 fixed seclength larger than data length when read miniseed data MarcusWalther Rainer Plokarz


  • miniseed files with different data length
  • all in same sfdfile
  • trying to read all data with fixed seclength (ShReads)


  • traces with data length less than scelength won't be read in
  • *** SEED-12 stream/time not found in SFD file ***


  • SH/SHM should read data as long it's available
  • automatically fill up missing samples
#35 fixed modification of command "epi_dist" MarcusWalther sdonner

it needs a "virginal" Q file to use this command; when using this command while header entries are already set, it produces an error message; it should also be possible to re-write or overwrite header entries by using this command

#38 worksforme locdiff - segmentation fault in version 5.5 2011 MarcusWalther sdonner


I just installed the new version of SH (version 5.5 February-2011, Copyright (C) 2011) Using the utility "locdiff" results in "Segmentation fault".

I tried to recompile everything in the sh/util directory as root with the command make -f Makefile

Result: make libutil.a butfreq butrec fconcat fereg findevnt flf2flt evalflf catflf locadd locdiff find_next_loc restfreq restrec simfreq simrec q2gse hypo_stlist ev2telex ev2hypo ev2hyposat ev2hypocenter ev4hypocenter ev4hypou ev2view ev2bull autoloc2evt evt2reltimes evt2relonset evt2phasetimes relonset2slo onset_convert check_evt reformat_locsat_out archevent_shc timename evt_copy_and_split evt_time_sort evt_correct_aniso evt_extract_ms qed_ms_make_evt vrs_read_diff traveltime slo2distance statinf fit_travel fit_travel2 crusttrav fit_to_line getresid floatop weather2ascii beamloc stddev find_topo30_id stringop lynx_reformat auto_statlist richter_ml make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/sh/sh/util' ar r libutil.a eventdsc.o evtelex.o evhypo.o evhypout.o timelist.o evbullet.o; libutil.a ar: creating libutil.a /bin/sh: libutil.a: command not found make[1]: * [libutil.a] Error 127 make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local

But the libutil.a file is existent. I helped myself by copying the executable of an older version from a colleague ...


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