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#37 fixed WRITESEED uses false byte order MarcusWalther Franz

At least on little endian machines WRITESEED seems to swap data bytes. This was working in a version from 2006.

Also see

#36 invalid RMS command: difference to older versions MarcusWalther Franz

From user's mailing list, see message

There's a huge difference between recent new and old version using ShRms. The old result seems to be correct.

SeismicHandler version 5.0a 13-Jul-2006, Copyright (C) 2006
|sh> rms 1 0 3600
     rms: 9.336159e+00

SeismicHandler version 5.5 February-2011, Copyright (C) 2011
|sh> rms 1 0 3600
     rms: 2.505154e+03
#35 fixed modification of command "epi_dist" MarcusWalther sdonner

it needs a "virginal" Q file to use this command; when using this command while header entries are already set, it produces an error message; it should also be possible to re-write or overwrite header entries by using this command

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