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2! file external_processes.txt
3!      ======================
5! version 1, 18-Jan-2002
7! Configuration file for Processes menu of SHM.
8! Each line defines one execution step of an external process.
9! It is of the format
10! <cmd> <pnum> <parameter>
11! where <cmd> describes the action and <pnum> is the integer number of the
12! process.  All steps of the same process have the same number <pnum>.
13! <parameter> is a parameter depending on <cmd>.  Possible values of <cmd> are:
14!   label      : Name of the Process, appears in the menu.  Giving a name
15!                enables the menu entry. <parameter> contains the text, Blanks
16!                must be replaced by '_'.
17!   currwindow : Writes the absolute start time (line 1) and length in s
18!                (line 2) of the current time window to a file named <parameter>.
19!   writeevt   : Writes evt-file with the current analysis parameters to disk.
20!                <parameter> contains the file name, Output path is $SH_SCRATCH.
21!   shell      : execute shell command.  <parameter> contains the name of the
22!                shell command.  Default path is the private directory.
23!   bgshell    : a 'shell' given for this process is started in background.
24!                <parameter> is not used.
25!   resetpar   : Delete all analysis parameters.  <parameter> not used.
26!   remtheo    : Delete all theoretical phases.  <parameter> not used.
27!   readevt    : reads in evt-file.  Takes phases and location and
28!                overwrites the existing values.  <parameter> contains the
29!                name of the input evt-file.
30!   waveform   : write waveform data in ASCII file to disk.  <parameter>
31!                contains the name of the output file.  Output path is
32!                $SH_SCRATCH.
33!   shcfile    : Call SH-script.  <parameter> contains the name of the script.
34! K. Stammler, 18-Jan-2002
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