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1! file read.shm
2!      ========
4! version 1, 13-Aug-94
6! help text about menu option 'Read'
7! K. Stammler, 13-Aug-94
9Menu Entry  'Read'
11Pops up Read MiniSEED Dialog Box.  This dialog box controls the input
12of seismogram data given in MiniSEED format (data records only,
13data compression with Steim-1 algorithm).  The box is divided into
14four parts and the main button set.
17--- part 1: station selection
19Each station listed has a toggle button attached.  If the toggle button
20is pressed (dark color) then the station is selected for reading, if
21the button is released (bright color) the station is deselected.
22For the convenience of the user there are two subset toggle buttons at
23the bottom which select/deselect a subset of the stations with one
24mouse click.
27--- part 2: channel selection
29The three toggle buttons 'Z', 'N', 'E' select the components to be
30read from file.  The buttons can be selected independendly of each other.
31The remaining radio button set selects the sample rate of the data
32stream.  The requested sample rate must be available on disk otherwise
33no data are read in.  This option does not perform any resampling.
34The selected channel(s) refer to all stations selected above.
37--- part 3: time selection
39Controls start time and time span of reading.  The start time is
40displayed in two text fields for date and time.  These text fields
41are editable and the desired start time may be written into it in
42the appropriate format.  Additionally there are 12 arrow buttons
43above/below the text fields which increase/decrease the time displayed
44by a specific amount.  The read time may also be called from a list
45file.  The name of the file is displayed in the text field below the
46start time.  A mouse click on this name opens the file selection box
47to enable the user to switch to another file.  The default path used
48in the file selection box can be set in the startup file using the
49command 'shmsetup defpath_events <path>'.  The time files must
50contain one time per line.  The user can step forward and backward in
51the file using the two arrow buttons left and right to the file name
52text field.  The second text field between these buttons shows the
53current line (=time) number within the file.
56--- part 4: general options
58Keep Traces - Controls whether or not all old traces are deleted before
59   reading new traces.  Traces are deleted if not selected.  This is
60   default.
62reads, readk - Special options for GRF data.
64sfd-directory - Specifies the pathname where the SEED data directory
65   file (sfdfile.sfd) can be found.  This file contains information
66   about all available data streams.
69--- main button set
71Read Again - Read in seismogram data.  All event information and all
72   phases are left unchanged.  A previously selected filter is applied
73   automatically to the new traces.  Also a possibly requested rotation
74   remains active.
76Read New - Read in seismogram data and reset all parameters to default
77   values.  Phase information is cleared as well as the event ID number.
78   After reading the default filter (selectable with 'shmsetup
79   default_filter <filter>') is applied.  Rotation information is
80   cleared.  This option will be executed only if the analysis parameters
81   are either saved (Menu option 'Final Parameters') or cancelled
82   (Menu option 'Cancel Parameters').
84Cancel - Close dialog box and leave everything unchanged.
86Reset - Resets most of the dialog box items to default values.  These
87   default values are currently not selectable.
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