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1command LOCATE [<trc-list>] [<azim>] [<slow>] [<az-err>] [<slow-err>]
4key: locate event
6Locates event from arrival times of a seismic phase at a cluster of
7stations.  If <trc-list> is specified, the delay of each trace
8is used as a relative travel time difference.  Use the AL command
9to enter the delays.  This can be applied only if all traces of
10the trace list start at the same absolute time !  The program does
11NOT check this !  In all cases applyable is to pick the arrival
12times by graphic cursor.  This can be achieved omitting the
13<trc-list> parameter.  As an output azimuth and slowness relative
14to the first station of the list is computed.  Standard deviations
15of azimuth and slowness are computed as well.
17seismhandler needs to know the station names where the traces in
18<trc-list> were recorded.  If not all station names are given,
19an error occurs.  seismhandler uses a location file to look for
20the location of a station.  If a station name is not listed in
21this file, an error occurs.  In this case the unknown station
22must be inserted to the location file using the FCT STATION command.
23For each station latitude and longitude (in degrees) must be
24entered.  seismhandler uses this information to compute the
25relative distances between the stations.  Therefore the location
26information must be accurate enough.  For station arrays there can
27be an array-relative location (in km) and an array ID number
28specified.  If all stations of <trc-list> belong to the same array
29(same array ID number), seismhandler uses the array relative
30location to locate the event and not the latitude,longitude
31information.  The the /NOARRAY qualifier forces seismhandler to
32use latitude,longitude information and to disregard array relative
33information (if any).
37<trc-list>  ---  parameter type: trace list
38   Input; List of traces to be used for location.  If not specified
39   the graphic cursor is used for picking traces and arrival times
40   (see above).
42<azim>  ---  parameter type: symbol address
43   Output; Name of output variable to store resulting azimuth.
44   The azimuth is given in degrees.
46<slowness>  ---  parameter type: symbol address
47   Output; Name of output variable to store resulting slowness.
48   The slowness is given in sec/degree.
50<az-err>  ---  parameter type: symbol address
51   Output; Name of output variable to store resulting azimuth error.
53<slow-err>  ---  parameter type: symbol address
54   Output; Name of output variable to store resulting slowness error.
60   If passed, the picked arrival times are not marked (only valid
61   if <trc-list> parameter is not specified).
64   The stations are assumed to be no array even if array coordinates
65   are given for all stations in the location file.  If no array
66   coordinates are given the qualifier has no effect.
71   LOCATE                   ! locates event by selected times on different
72                            ! traces.  Selections are made by graphic cursor
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