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Read data file

command: READO <file> [<recordlist>]

Reads all or a subset of traces from a data file. Uses obspy read, therefore all formats supported known by this function: AH, CSS, GSE, MSEED, Q, SAC, SEGY, SEISAN, WAV and others. View "obspy read" for more details. Can also read from a URL (downloads the file and reads it).


  • <file> parameter type: string
    File name or URL of the data. Use backslashes instead of slashes on the SHX command line to prevent problems with qualifier identification. If necessary, switch off the cap conversion to be able to address lowercase filenames ("switch capcnv off").
  • <recordlist> parameter type: integer list
    If specified, reads only the listed records (traces) from the file, all traces otherwise




@READO myfile.ah
Read lowercase AH file 'myfile.ah'.
reado http:\\\2001-01-13-1742-24S.KONO__004 2-4
Read a SEISAN formatted file from a website and take traces 2 to 4 (omit trace 1).