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Create map with stations

command: PLOT_STATIONS <trclist> [<projection>] [<outfile>]

Create a map containing station locations for overview on what stations we have. Uses obspy plot_basemap function.


  • <trclist> parameter type: trace list
    List of traces which should appear on the map. This command also accepts the special list name 'withphases' using all traces which have picked phases.
  • <projection> parameter type: string
    Projection to be used in map, possible are 'local' (default), 'ortho' and 'global'. See obspy plot_basemap for details.
  • <outfile> parameter type: string
    Output file to be created. If omitted, a temporary filename is used and the /SHOW qualifier is switched on.


  • /SHOW
    Show created file on screen (in a spawned process). If an <outfile> is specified the default behavior is not to show the result file.
  • /ADDLOC=<lat>,<lon>
    Add a location on the map (labelled "EPI") at the point (lat,lon).
  • /TITLE=<title>
    Add a title to the figure. Underscores '_' are converted to blanks.


plot_stations all
Plots station locations of all traces and opens plot file on screen.
plot_stations withphases local mymap.png /addloc=49.,11. /title=My_stations_with_epicenter
Plots station locations of all traces with phases picked, adds an epicenter location and a title. Plot file is created, but not shown on screen.