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Manage phase picks

command: PHASE DEFINE <station> <picktime> [<phasename>] [<picktype>] [<comp>]
command: PHASE LIST <station> [<picktype>] [<minweight>]
command: PHASE DEFAULT_PHASE <phasename> or
command: PHASE STATIONS or
command: PHASE CLEAR [<phasename>] [<station>] [<picktype>] or
command: PHASE CLEAR_ALL or
command: PHASE DUMP

Command to modify internal phase list. This command is not meant to be used interactively. All phase picks and deletions of the GUI produce a PHASE command and can be logged to reproduce the phase status. Also phase picks can be imported from logs or other sources via this command.


  • <station> parameter type: string
    Station name including netcode, e.g. "GR.GRA1"
  • <picktime> parameter type: string
    Absolute time in SH notation, e.g. "12-May-2015_08:30:22.122"
  • <phasename> parameter type: string
    Name of phase (if necessary, switch off cap conversion of the command line"), e.g. "P", or "PcP"
  • <picktype> parameter type: string
    Type of phase pick, possible values are "manual" (manual pick), "theo" (theoretical arrival time), "auto" (created by picker or detector) and "mark" (special pick type used by the "mark" command, unlabeled picks without uniqueness limitations). All phases except of type "mark" are accepted only once per station and pick type.
  • <comp> parameter type: string
    Component in which phase was picked.
  • <minweight> parameter type: int
    Minimum weight of pick. Weights are numbers between 0 and 9.
  • <subcmd> parameter type: string
    Subcommand, possible values are:
    DEFINE: define new phase, default phasename is defined via subcommand "DEFAULT_PHASE", default pick type is "manual", default component is "Z".
    LIST: list all known phases of given station, possibly restricted by picktype and minimum weight.
    DEFAULT_PHASE: default phase used in "DEFINE" subcommand.
    STATIONS: list of stations where phases are picked.
    CLEAR: clear selected phases, selection restricted by phasename, station and picktype. At least one out of <station>, <phasename> and <picktype> must be specified. CLEAR_ALL: delete all phases. DUMP: dump all known phases to screen.


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