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Create figure with traces on display (using matplotlib)

command: MPLPLOT <outfile> <norm> <colorlist> <title>

Create figure in an output file containing all traces on display.


  • <outfile> parameter type: string
    Name of output file, will be converted to lowercase. The format of the graphics content is defined by the file extension. Various formats are supported, e.g. 'png', 'svg' or 'jpg'.
  • <norm> parameter type: string
    Defines normalization of traces in the figure independently from the current setting on the trace display. Possible values are 'sw' (all traces drawn with the same amplitude) or 'aw' (all traces share the same normalization (magnification).
  • <colorlist> parameter type: string
    Comma separated list of colors to apply to the traces. Integer multipliers before color specification are allowed. The color list is mapped onto the trace list, i.e. the first trace is colored with the first color, second trace with the second color and so on. If the color list has length N the trace N+1 (if existing) returns to color number 1. If this parameter is left empty all traces have black color. Examples: "red,blue" (traces get alternatingly red and blue colors), "blue,2*lightblue" (first trace blue, second and third lightblue, forth blue, ...), "3*#ff00fe,3*#00fffe" (length 6, colors specified as rgb in hex code).
  • <title> parameter type: string
    Title put on the figure, underscores ("_") are converted to blanks.


  • /TRACELABELSIZE=<pointsize>
    Changes size of traces labels to the left of the traces. If many traces are to be plotted, a smaller scriptsize is recommended, e.g. "/TRACELABELSIZE=5".
  • /LABELSPEC=<pointsize>
    Changes label text to the left of the traces. Possible values are "STATION-COMP" (default), "TIME_HH:MM" (begin time of each trace, minute precision), "TIME_HH:MM:SS" (begin time of each trace, second precision), DAY (date of the trace start).


mplplot myfigure.png sw blue,2*lightblue my_trace_figure
Create png file containing all traces on display. If three component data are on display, starting with Z, the verticals are colored in blue, the horizontals in light blue.